Book Review #2: Someone Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory by Raphael Bob-Waksberg (2019)

Title: Someone Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory – Stories
Author: Raphael Bob-Waksberg
Published: 2019 (Alfred A. Knopf, New York)
Pages: 244

“The things that are the most important aren’t shared; they are important only to us” (pg. 91)

This humanizing quote, among many, are featured in Bob-Waksberg’s debut book, Someone Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory. He is foremost the creator of the popular Netflix TV show Bojack Horseman. I personally love the animated show, and when I came across the book, I thought I had to read his first and only collection of short stories. I tried not going in with the mindset that these short stories would have the same sharp dark humor as Bojack Horseman. But after reading, I was wrong.

Though they are drier, these stories contain the same dark relatable humor as the TV show. Bob-Waksberg personifies heartbreak, loss, falling in love, and more vulnerable emotions through clever prose.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found some of the stories a little bare and too abstract, but most of them stirred familiar emotions from my past experiences. I believe books that can make the reader’s gut feel familiar and relatable emotions due to the writer’s words, are at least well written books.

It was definitely worth the read. I give this book a 4 out of 5!


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