Rating System

Are you here to see how I rate all the books I write about? You have come to the right place! Feel free to reach out through my contact page if you have any questions.



One of the worst books ever written. Could not finish. Plot, characters, story, etc. may not make sense or were probably poorly written. Do not read this book. Author may also have serious, unresolved problems.



Not great, but readable. Able to finish the book, but thought about not finishing. Plot, characters, story, etc. made sense to an extent. Author’s writing was good, but could have been better. Will not recommend to most. Mood-wise I was probably bored reading the book.



A good and enjoyable book. The plot, characters, story, etc., made sense and flowed. Author’s writing was effective. Overall satisfactory. Would recommend, but not read again. Main concept was probably redundant or not original.



Loved the book. The plot, characters, story, etc. were successfully executed, and intriguing. Will definitely recommend. Author’s writing rose above expectations. Re-readable. The book was probably inspiring, and may have slightly impacted my point of view.



I will rarely give this rating out. This means the book is one of the most amazing of all time. Changed my life, and quite possibly some standards. Impacted my point of view or tastes regarding certain book genres.