About Me

Hello! My name is Elizabeth of Elizabeth Reads Books!

I’m a typical book loving human in my 20s with an art related career that needs more hobbies besides reading. I live in Phoenix, AZ. My goal on this blog is to talk about a variety of books through honestly concise, but sometimes comedic or bitter, heart-felt regaling. I’ve also never cared for book clubs. Think of this blog as a place for those who want to get to know some books, but you’re not sure if you want to read them just yet.

Instagram: @elizabethreads_books
Twitter: @ereadsbooks
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  • My favorite genres are: fiction, non-fiction, mystery, short story, poetry & biographies
  • Likes: reading, coffee, comfortable clothing, spending time by myself, contemporary and modern art, horror movies, savory foods, a good sunset, outdoor running & hiking
  • Dislikes: boring books, cooking anything that takes a long time, my chronic pain & artificial grape flavored foods

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