Book Review #3: Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid (2019)

Title: Daisy Jones & The Six
Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Published: 2019 (Ballantine Books, Penguin Random House LLC)
Pages: 368

I am a few reviews behind due to normal busy life excuses, but I’m catching up now!

As I’m writing this, I’m enjoying my 70s rock playlist that I made on Spotify. It features way too much David Bowie, and a few Fleetwood Mac songs. I was not alive in the 1970s, but reading the book, Daisy Jones & The Six, took me to L.A. during that era.

The author, Reid, writes a story about a fictional 70s rock group called Daisy Jones & The Six, who created a one-hit wonder album, and then split up soon after on tour. The format of the story is written like a documentary, composed of multiple individual interviews from the band mates and related persons, and twisted together in dialogue to create a chronological story. The story regales The Six’s small town early history to landing a record deal in L.A. and going on national tours fueled by sex and drugs. And then retells the changes of when beautiful, electric, L.A. girl, Daisy Jones joins the band as a singer alongside their stubborn and troubled front runner, Billy Dunne, and The Six becomes an instant magical rock sensation.

The book explores relatable themes and experiences like heartbreak, family, addiction, love, forgiveness and good ol’ rock and roll. The book is not just about achieving your dreams, but finding happiness and where you belong in those dreams as well. Reid’s book is also currently being made into a TV series on Amazon Video – read about it here.

Overall, an entertaining read that will keep you glued for more. I give it a 3.5 out of 5!


P.S. Listen to the legit Spotify playlist made for this book while you read it here

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