Short Review #32: The Guest List by Lucy Foley (2020)

Rating: 3 out of 5⭐️
Title: The Guest List: A Novel
Author: Lucy Foley
Published: 2020 (William Morrow, Audible Audiobook Version)
Pages: Audible – 10 hrs 22 min
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction, Suspense, Crime
CW: Violence, Murder, Revenge Porn, Crime, Sexual Content
Link Here

The Guest List on my phone on my portable desk

Hi everyone! Long time no see.. I’m finally going to post for the first time in almost a month… Again, doing life and reading have been very difficult to do recently. Luckily, with the help of a few entertaining audiobooks, I’m about to get into it again. In the past, reading has proven to be a great escape, but sometimes I get lazy and I’m not perfect. Plus, sometimes I would rather do other things besides reading, and that’s okay too for anyone out there! Anyways, last week I finally finished The Guest List by Lucy Foley over Audible audiobook. I’ve been hearing a lot about this one for a while, and all the good things about it. By the end, I was thrillingly entertained, but also not astounded.

“It’s always better to get it out in the open – even if it feels shameful, even if you feel like people will judge you for it” – Lucy Foley, The Guest List

The Guest List is a crime mystery, thriller novel by UK author Lucy Foley. It takes place on an island off the coast of Ireland surrounding the destination wedding of two high-profile people: an ambitious internet magazine founder, and a gorgeous reality TV star. The story’s perspective jumps around between a few of the guests per chapter, leading up to the moment of a grisly murder taking place on the island after the wedding. The reader is set-up to figure out who is the murderer and who is the killer as the novel progresses until the reveal. We learn the backstories and motives of the guests and wedding party in detail, and learn that not all is joyful on the surface. Who has the motive, and who has the disposition to be killed?

“If I didn’t pay attention, one of those currents could grow into a huge riptide, destroying all my careful planning. And here’s another thing I’ve learned – sometimes the smallest currents are the strongest” – Lucy Foley, The Guest List

The story was wonderfully entertaining, and I loved the backstories of the characters. As far as originality and the big reveal and twist, I was not astounded. The ending did not have the climactic finish I thought it was going to have based on reviews. Maybe it was just me, but I was not too enthusiastic about how it rounded out. The writing and the way the author told the perspectives were great though. And as far as the audiobook version – I loved the audiobook. There were multiple persons narrating for each perspective chapter, and they were all easy to listen to and clear.

“Marriage is about finding that person you know best in the world. Not how they take their coffee or what their favourite film is or the name of their first cat. It’s knowing on a deeper level. It’s knowing their soul” – Lucy Foley, The Guest List

Why should you read this book? If you enjoy easy-to-get-through mystery thrillers taking place on desolate destination wedding islands in a castle, this is the book for you. I’m actually going to a destination wedding myself in July, but it’s in the US Alaskan wilderness so… a bit different than an island off the coast of Ireland. A lot to look forward to though after reading this book, even though I kind of wish I was going to Ireland instead…

I give this one a 3 out of 5!


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