Short Review #12: Happy & You Know It by Laura Hankin (2020)

Rating: 3 out of 5 ⭐️
Title: Happy & You Know It: A Novel
Author: Laura Hankin
Published: 2020 (Berkley, New York)
Pages: 384
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Thriller, Chick Lit, Adult
Link Here

Borrowed copy of Happy & You Know It next to a smoothie

Hello! I have not published a review in a while, because I recently broke my left wrist and just had surgery. I’m doing okay though, and resting up this holiday weekend. I hope everyone is having a fun weekend, or for some of us a fun long weekend.

“Someday when you’ve got a screaming infant… I hope the people you encounter are understanding… And I hope you are so, so grateful that not everyone is a d*ckhead like you” – Laura Hankin, Happy & You Know It

This book was fun to read! Hankin’s witty and gripping story kept me glued from beginning to end, and was a good distraction from my current medical issues. The novel centers on Claire Martin, a young woman who is down on her luck after being kicked out of her band right before they made it big. She takes a job as a playgroup musician for a group of wealthy New York stay-at-home moms and their babies. Afterwards of course, chaos ensues. The story is told from the perspectives of key characters in the group as well, like gorgeous leader and mom influencer of the group Whitney, former fabulous career woman turned stay-at-home mom Amara, and type-A observant Gwen.

The story is a sharp telling of motherhood in hilarious and sometimes dark situations. It’s even entertaining for someone who doesn’t have children like me. The twists were also well executed, and one of them I really didn’t expect. I would not read this book if you cannot sit through books told in a feminine perspective.

Overall, this novel is an entertaining easy-read for those who enjoy satirical writing about the social issues women face as mothers and those who are unsure about becoming mothers. Filled with scandal and mystery, this book is about more than a group of woman who drink wine during the day at their children’s playgroups.

I give this a 3 out of 5!


*DISCLAIMER: Book contains light sexual themes, recommended for ages 18+*

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