Short Review #2: The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager (2018)

Title: The Last Time I Lied
Author: Riley Sager
Published: 2018 (Dutton Penguin Random House, New York)
Pages: 372
Genres: Thriller, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense
Link Here

My library copy of The Last Time I Lied held up against a door (I thought the wooden service was appropriate)

Thank god for a sick day, because I wouldn’t have been able to finish half of The Last Time I Lied in one sitting without throwing my responsibilities out the window! I read and enjoyed Sager’s other two novels, Final Girls and Lock Every Door. The Last Time I Lied is his second novel. I have also done a review on this blog for Lock Every Door when I first started the blog. He has an upcoming novel this year Home Before Dark coming out this year in July, and I’m looking forward to reading that one as well.

I like his depictions of female protagonists. All three of his published novels are centered around a woman with previous trauma that has to face that trauma. In The Last Time I Lied, that woman is artist and former camp-goer Emma Davis. Emma is haunted by the disappearance of three girls from her cabin at a summer camp in upstate New York. She is invited back to the camp 15 years later as an instructor, and of course, the mystery continues as Emma investigates what happened to the girls along with a few new mysteries.

I recommend this book because it’s the perfect read if you’re looking for a campy and cheesy plot-driven thriller. Some of the themes and twists were too extra at times, but Sager’s ability to focus on the characters and the strange twists makes the novels enjoyable and eye-catching.

I give this book a 3.5 out of 5!


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