Book Review #8: Horrorstör A Novel by Grady Hendrix (2014)

Title: Horrorstör A Novel
Author: Grady Hendrix, illustrated by Michael Rogalski
Published: 2014 (Quirk Books)
Pages: 240
Genre: Horror, Dark Comedy, Haunted House, Ghost Story
Link Here

Horrorstör A Novel by Grady Hendrix, against my bookshelf, bought from the store that this book parody’s

I finished this spooky novel just in time for Halloween. Speaking of which, Happy Halloween everyone!🎃

I thought talking about a horror novel was appropriate for such a day. I have not read anything of Hendrix’s before. But I will say, I enjoy the prose, and comedic style in which he tells this increasingly horrifying tale about a haunting in a commercial retailer. The novel centers around a fictional mass-scale, ready-to-assemble Swedish furniture retailer called Orsk (a lot like the real life Swedish furniture magnate… but cheaper). Three Orsk employees stay overnight to find out who has been vandalizing the store overnight, and what they find is of course, highly unexpected and supernatural.

The first impression I had of this novel, and what everyone else who saw me reading this book had, was “is that a furniture catalogue?”. It wasn’t, but it was modeled after one. The creative illustrations and layout gave the illusion, especially with its corny and corporate advertisements and listings.

The novel is comedic, spooky and an entertaining read. It is perfect for this time of year, and I highly recommend it if you enjoy horror, dark comedy or unusual ghost stories. Now, go watch some scary movies, dress up in costume, eat some candy or read some horror fiction paperbacks!

Overall, I give this a 3 out of 5.

_Elizabeth 🎃

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